Secure Your Gear on the Go: The Benefits of Locks for Travel Cases

22nd January 2024
As an adventurer, a photographer, a musician, or someone who frequently travels with delicate equipment, the safety of your gear is paramount. When you're on the move, whether you hop on a plane, train, or are simply tossing your case in the boot of your car, you need a travel case that can not only handle the rough-and-tumble of transit but also ensure that your equipment remains secure from opportunistic thieves. That's where the ...
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Peli Protector vs Peli Storm: What's the difference?

8th November 2023
Peli Protector VS Peli Storm  If you have just entered the world of Peli protecitve cases, you are probably seeing these two names a lot, Peli Protector and Peli Storm. Now you may ask yourself, what are the differences between the 2, if there are any?  Today we are going to break down the key differences between the two ranges which will help you make your final decision. Before we begin, you can take a look at each of t ...
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What do you sea on the water ?

20th August 2021
Ever wondered how long you case will actual last in tough conditions. This Max case and Zarges cases were recently spotted by one customer who got excited to see these cases. Technical equipment in the Max cases which has a IP67 rating so being on a fishing boat is an ideal situation for this case. The Zarges has seen alot of action over the years as part of the Survey Boat it stays on and has been in very rough conditions but work ...
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