Peli Protector vs Peli Storm: What's the difference?

Peli Protector vs Peli Storm: What's the difference?

8th November 2023

Peli Protector VS Peli Storm 

If you have just entered the world of Peli protecitve cases, you are probably seeing these two names a lot, Peli Protector and Peli Storm. Now you may ask yourself, what are the differences between the 2, if there are any? 

Today we are going to break down the key differences between the two ranges which will help you make your final decision. Before we begin, you can take a look at each of the ranges here to better your understanding.

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Peli Protector Range

Peli Storm Range


Strength: Which Peli case is stronger? 

Both cases are crushproof as proved by numerous extreme testing methods and both have stood the test of time but if we are talking about strength, we can look at a couple of factors:

Material: The Protector range are made out of Heavy-Duty Polypropylene which is heavier and (arguably) stronger than the Storm which is made from HPX® high impact resin. 

Latches: The Protector range feature two-step open and close latches, also known as double-throw latches, which in theory creates a stronger seal. Where as the Storm fetaures press and pull latches which are still IP67 rated however the seal is not as strong but they are a lot easier to use.



Weight: Which Peli case is lighter?

As previously stated, the material used on the storm range is made from HPX® high impact resin which is lighter than the Heavy-Duty Polypropylene Protector range. So yes, the storm is a lighter case but do not be fooled, the storm will offer more than enough protection at a fraction of the weight which is ideal for travelling. 



Appearance: Which Peli case looks better?

Now this one is all down to opinion but we can look at a few deciding factors.

Finish: The storm has a smoother finish and you could argue that it looks more modern than the older protector range. However being smoother means that scratches and marks are more visible than the rugged, smeared effect of the protector range

Colours: The storm range only comes in 3 colours: Black, yellow and olive drab. Meanwhile the protector (depending on size) comes in 7 colours: Black, silver, olive, dessert tan, yellow, orange and pink so you have more choice. Apart from the larger cases (1610+) which are only available in black but the larger storms are still available in black, yellow and olive drab.



Price: Which Peli case is cheaper?

Due to the heavier, slightly stronger material in the Protector cases, they do cost more to produce than the Storm range which of course reflects on the price. But again, do not think this vastly affects the storms protective abilities.



Details: What are the differences in details?

The wheels of the two cases are made of the same material however the pin used is slightly different in the protector. The Peli protector range use stainless steel for the pins vs the alloy that is used in the storms. Not that you can tell the difference if you are using it for day to day use, it will only become noticeable the case will be located by the sea or even on the sea. This is because alloy metals become corroded by the saltwater which would of course shorten the lifespan of your storm case. The protector on the other hand uses stainless steel pins which can not be corroded by saltwater, so it will only make a difference if you inted to keep the case on the coast. The same goes for the pins in the latches.





I think this is all down to a matter of preference and usage, if you require a certain size that one range has but the other doesn't (i.e Peli Storm iM2875) then you will not be missing out on anything. Both are top of the range cases that are more than capable of protecting your goods through the toughest of challenges. Whichever you decide to purchase, you surely will not be dissappointed.

If you have made it this far and you are ready to make your decison, chat online with our team or call 01902324734 for a discount on your purchase!

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