Secure Your Gear on the Go: The Benefits of Locks for Travel Cases

22nd January 2024

As an adventurer, a photographer, a musician, or someone who frequently travels with delicate equipment, the safety of your gear is paramount. When you're on the move, whether you hop on a plane, train, or are simply tossing your case in the boot of your car, you need a travel case that can not only handle the rough-and-tumble of transit but also ensure that your equipment remains secure from opportunistic thieves. That's where the robust locking options offered by Nanuk and Peli come into play.

Protecting Your Valuables with Reliable Case Locks

Nanuk Cases and their Locking Solutions

Nanuk cases are renowned for their durability and reliability. Engineered to survive the rigors of extreme environments, these cases are also designed with security in mind. Their patented PowerClaw latching system ensures that your case only opens when you want it to, but for added security, you can also opt for a Nanuk padlock.

Nanuk TSA Lock:

Nanuk padlocks are TSA-approved, which means they provide the security you need without causing issues at airport security checkpoints. TSA agents have special keys that allow them to open TSA-approved locks, such as the Nanuk padlock, to inspect your luggage if necessary, and then relock it – keeping your case secure throughout your journey.


Nanuk TSA Latch Kit:

Nanuk also offer a TSA Latch system upgrade. Nanuk TSA latches boast several advantages over standard latches, particularly for travelers who prioritize both security and convenience when transporting cases that house sensitive or valuable contents.



Peli TSA Lock: 

To secure a Peli case, you can opt for the Peli TSA Lock. It's a special combination lock that also carries TSA-approval, allowing security personnel to do their job without damaging your lock or case. This gives you the peace of mind to focus on the more important aspects of your travels, knowing your gear is well-protected.


Not travelling to the US?

For travel exclusively within the UK, a TSA lock isn't necessary. Through our extensive testing of various locks to pinpoint the most reliable and secure 3-digit combination lock, we encountered many that didn't make the cut. However, after thorough research and rigorous trials, we've stumbled upon a lock that has proven its superior security and reliability, setting a new standard for our recommendations.

Brass 3 Digit Combination Padlock



The Key Advantages of Using Locks

  • Enhanced Security: These locks work with the structural integrity of the case to keep your contents safe against theft and tampering.
  • TSA-Approved: As TSA-approved locks, they allow airport security to inspect your baggage without breaking the lock.
  • Peace of Mind: You're free to travel without worrying about the safety of your case contents.
  • Flexibility: They're easy to set and reset, providing flexible security options for frequent travelers.
  • Durability: Just like the cases they're made to secure, these locks are designed to withstand the harsh conditions and rough handling that often come with travel.

Travel Tips: Using Locks Efficiently

  1. Understand the Locking Mechanism: Familiarize yourself with how to set and reset the lock combination before you begin your travels.
  2. Always Double-Check: Make sure your lock is properly engaged and the combination set before leaving it unattended.
  3. Keep Your Combination Secret: Just like a PIN number, your lock combination should be something only you know.
  4. Storage: When not using your locks, store them in a secure place to avoid misplacing them.
  5. Inspection Preparation: Pack your case in a way that makes it easy for TSA agents to inspect and repack without damaging its contents.
  6. Check Lock Regulations: Before traveling internationally, check the host country’s security policies regarding locks, as not all countries have the same protocols as the TSA.

Final Thoughts

Traveling with valuable gear doesn't have to be stressful. With our locks, you are not just buying a piece of hardware; you're investing in the security and peace of mind that your valuable equipment will arrive at your destination just as you packed it. Gone are the days of arriving to find your gear case tampered with or, worse, left open and vulnerable.

Whether you are an amateur hobbyist or a professional on the go, locking down your equipment with trusted brands like Nanuk and Peli makes all the difference. Use these locks properly, and you ensure that your gear remains safe and secure – ready for whatever challenge or opportunity awaits at your next stop.

Safe travels and secure gear.

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