Defender Aluminium Storage Box

Strong, robust and impact resistant, but above all super light-weight.

Our Defender aluminium containers are well-known for their wide range of high quality aluminium boxes. With the capability to design and manufacture tailor-made boxes (even in small quantities) makes Defender unique on the market.

Aluminium cases, whilst light are extremely strong, robust, antimagnetic and unaffected by extreme temperatures. Because aluminium is rustproof and very easy to clean, these aluminium containers are ideally suited for use in clean room and food environments.

We offer four different types of DEFENDER aluminium boxes.


The Defender KA44 is a Low Cost entry Level.

The Defender KA64  is probably the most popular.


The Defender KA74 is more Heavy Duty

The Defender KA94  thicker aluminium and fully welded seams.


Defender aluminium containers are the ideal solution to many of your packaging and transport problems, offering many advantages:

• Lightweight, but robust and built to last, ensuring your contents are completely protected
• Aluminium is unaffected by extreme cold or heat, is antimagnetic and rustproof
• Easy to clean so Defender containers are ideally suited for use in clean room and food environments.

Defender cases offer excellent quality at a very competitive price. Whether you need an inexpensive aluminium case for transport and storage of basic materials, a case for costly electronic equipment, or even one for the transportation of dangerous goods, over forty models available the Defender case range can provide you with the best and most economical solution.

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