Our robust TRACE ME Smart ID enables your bag to be traced within airports and airline systems all around the world. It is perfect for travellers of any age and can be securely fastened to any type of bags.

Simply purchase your TRACE ME Smart ID, register the unique serial number and start to enjoy travelling with complete peace of mind.

Each Smart ID comes with one year inclusive tracing service from the date of registration. You can enjoy another year of peace of mind for only £5 Inc VAT.


If you lose your bag on a flight:

In the event of your bag not arriving when you do,

  1. Fill in the standard airline Property Irregularity Report (PIR) at the lost luggage counter, including your TRACE ME Serial number in the bag description.
  2. Send a photo of the completed PIR (preferably) or at least the PIR number to us ASAP, and provide your latest contact information (email and phone). It’s essential so we can help you.

Whilst the airline does a search, so do we. Your Smart ID can help with this. Either the airline will find your bag, or the baggage handlers will contact us, quoting your unique TRACE ME Serial number.

Using contact details stored securely in our database (certified ISO 27001), TRACE ME and/or the airline will inform you that the bag has been found.

The airline will then arrange return of your bag.